Top 10 Tips to Recover from a Breakup for Male

These tips are all for men. I don’t believe, breakup hurts both the male and female, in the same way, all the time. It depends on some matters that identify which one gets more heartbroken. So, both the male and female need different sort of recovery approach. And this one for the male:

1. Accept it anyway

Well, you can’t change the environment. You had a breakup, and that’s a part of the environment, and you have no ability to change your environment. You need to accept that as early as possible, for your own sake. Embrace the grief. Accept the fact that, there is no way of going back. Just push these things towards your mind.

2. Think about your future

You might have a very horrible breakup. But, that should not destroy your future. You must have a future goal before you had met her. You must have planned something before going into the relationship. Think about that future plan. What will happen to that plan, if you get too broken after this breakup? Strictly focus on that goal, and it will help to forget her. Just do that!

3. Think about the positivity of the breakup

I know, it sounds too rude, but trust me it works. A Breakup can seem brutal to you, especially if that comes from her. This strategy works better in this particular scenario. It can make you feel hopeless, but think, what you can get after the breakup, which you can never have, if you stayed with her. It could be saving money, time and a greater opportunity to have a better life. You can even get even healthier relationship than this. These might be the positive things you can have after the breakup, which can drive you to move on.

4. Cut her off completely

It can be very difficult to ignore her completely right after the breakup. You might want to text her, call her, and stay in touch with her. But, it will hurt you a lot. Just cut her off. Remove her from your friend list, or unfollow her. Minimize the exposure to those things, which might remind you of her. These could be any particular place, music, movie, or any specific memories. I recommend to remove the pictures too, or keep distance for some moments. If you want to stay as a friend of her, I bet, you cannot. The memories will haunt you. So, don’t even take that decision, not until you can recover from the heartbreak completely.

5. Think about the negativity of her

It is not mean, just to make you prepared for the heartbreaks, this approach can be considered. I am not telling you to hate her. Just think about the things you used to dislike about her. These might be her hair-style, dresses, or the way she slept. Just make feel unattractive to yourself. It will help you recover gradually and get past over it.

6. Let your feelings come out

The first feeling of having a breakup is obviously sadness. You might want to cry. If that’s so, then don’t lock your emotion. Rather lock yourself in a room, and cry for some times. It will make you feel refreshed. After the sadness, anger can take place. You might feel angry with yourself by thinking of the chances you have given to her, or wasting your time or so on. Drive that anger in the right direction. Get a punching bag and use it. But don’t be too aggressive. Just use this feeling to make you feel confident for the future.

7. Get some distractions

Some healthy distractions will help you. Keep busy with outdoor activities. Go for hangouts with your friends. If you love pets, then get one, and play with it. You can also sign up for some volunteer programs. Or, read books, and listen to the music, or anything, that will make you feel destructed from her and her memories.

8. Keep in touch with the positive people

Sometimes, it becomes so hard that it cannot fight it alone. During that time, vent out to the people, who are close to you, and positive minded. They could be your friends, relatives, neighbors, and even parents, who can feel your feelings, and understand you. Share your emotion with them, and let them talk to you. Spend time with them, and allow them to help you.

9. Write down your feelings

No matter, you have the habit of keeping a diary or not, just try to write down your feelings, when you feel broken mostly. It is a sort of sharing, but you won’t need a listener. Your sadness will be expressed through your pen, and it will make you feel better.

10. Gain confidence

That’s the most important part. Gain confidence after that horrible breakup. Don’t lose all hopes. You can ask, “Is it that easy to get back all the confidence in this situation?” Well, look- confidence is a psychological thing. The moment you give up, you are just gone. Despite going through all the negative situations, just close your eyes and say it yourself from the heart, “I can do it, I can do better” or anything that can boost your confidence level. It is just a matter of seconds to reload the confidence level. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself.

Enjoy your life and be better!